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New Start in Gießen
[...] For Giessen, Maura Morales and four dancers have created a breathtaking dance piece in just under four weeks, whose title “My body a stranger that protects me that kills me” is programmatic.
Dagmar Klein,
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Self-assertion in a hostile world
An intense dance piece by Cuban Maura Morales celebrated its acclaimed premiere in the Kleines Haus of the Stadttheater.
Giessener Anzeiger
[...] It begins cautiously, with an almost imperceptible twitching of the shoulder blades. Then the first groping movements follow, before the curled-up, only scantily veiled body straightens up. It is a kind of awakening of consciousness that dancer Maja Mirek shows to soft electric sounds. But in the following 55 minutes, this develops into an incredibly intense, energetic piece in which a total of four young women defend themselves with strength and elegance against a threatening outside world. It is the new piece by Cuban choreographer Maura Morales, which premiered under the title “My body a stranger that protects me that kills me” on Friday evening in the Kleines Haus of the Stadttheater and was enthusiastically received by the audience.
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