Curriculum vitae

Maura Morales, born in Camaguey/Cuba, finished her apprenticeship in classical and modern ballet training, choreography, acting, and folkloric dance at the National Art College Camaguey/Cuba.

At the moment Maura Morales is working freelance as a dancer, choreographer, actress and guest trainer for contemporary dance.



  • -Creation of the full-length dance piece “In-Side Sense” for the Cooperativa Maura Morales with premiere at the Forum Freies Theater (FFT) in Düsseldorf
  • Creation of the dance collage “Gesetz des Eises” by “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tanzt an” as part of “TANZPAKT Stadt Land Bund”
  • Guest performance tour to Spain to the renowned “Deltebre Dansa” festival with the piece “Epic Dermis”
  • Maura Morales directs the opera “Maria de Buenos Aires” of Astor Piazzolla for Theater Vorpommern
  • Touring throughout germany with the piece “Epic Dermis” performing at FFT Düsseldorf, LOT-Theater Braunschweig, Pumpenhaus Münster, EISFABRIK Hannover, Festhalle Viersen
  • Maura Morales creates the commissioned choreography “Being a Body, Having a Body – Thematic Touch” for “ITZ-Intranzyt Cia” in Portugal



  • Maura Morales creates the piece “My body a stranger that protects me that kills me” for the dance ensemble of the Gießener Stadttheater
  • Creation of the full-length dance piece “Epic Dermis” for Cooperativa Maura Morales with premiere at Ringlokschuppen Ruhr
  • Creation of the full-length dance piece “Haraka Haraka Haina Baraka” for the dance ensemble of MuDa Africa in Dar Es Salaam/Tanzania with subsequent world premiere at the Düsseldorf Asphalt Festival and German tour at the festival “TanzModerneTanz” in Chemnitz and others.
  • Second creation phase and premiere of the full-length guest choreography “Verwandlung/Fremdkörper” for the ensemble of TanzTheater Münster at Stadttheater Münster
  • Touring through Germany with the piece “Präludium der Kälte” with guest performances at the Saarland State Theater, the Hessian State Theater Wiesbaden, the EinTanzhaus Mannheim, the Pumpenhaus Münster, the EISFABRIK Hannover, among others
  • Guest choreography of the piece “Rayuela” for the MIR- Dance-Company of the Musiktheater im Revier in Gelsenkirchen as part of the Doulble Bill evening “Millennials” together with Marcos Morau
  • Choreographer for the international film production “Cuckoo”. Director Tilmann Singer has assembled Gemma Chan and Sofia Boutelle for Waypoint Entertainmant in collaboration with Markus Halberschmidt and Maria Tsigka of Fiction Park in front of and behind the camera an internationally cast star ensemble.


  • Creation of the full-length theater-dance piece “Der Widersprüchliche- Begegnungen mit Alexander von Humboldt” at the Humboldtforum in Berlin
  • Creation of the full-length dance piece “Prelude to the Cold” for the Cooperativa Maura Morales with premiere at Forum Freies Theater (FFT) in Düsseldorf
  • Invitation to a two-week artist residency at Bröllin Castle
  • Online premiere of the production “Efecto Mariposa” as part of the contemporary dance festival “tanzNRW21
  • Maura Morales creates the guest choreography “Verwandlung/Fremdkörper” for the 11-member company of Tanztheater Münster at Theater Münster.
  • Guest performances of “Efecto Mariposa” at the LOT-Theater/Braunschweig, at the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr and at the Theater Eisfabrik in Hannover


  • Tour of Germany with “Wunschkonzert” at the Pumpenhaus Münster, at the international dance festival Erfurt, at the Staatstheater Darmstadt and at the international solo dance festival Bonn
  • Creation of the show-size dance piece “Efecto Mariposa” for 5 dancers + live music
  • As the first free ensemble in NRW Maura Morales performs her award-winning solo “Wunschkonzert” after the first Lockdown on June 6, 2020
  • Start of the research phase for a full-length commissioned choreography in Dar Es Salam/ Tanzania


  • Invitation to numerous internationally renowned festivals in the summer: “Haba Na Haba International Dance Festival” in Dar Es Salam / Tanzania, “Dansez Maintenant Festival” in Chateau de Vetrets / France, “SEEDS Dance Laboratory” in Stuttgart
  • Creation of the contemporary dance theater piece “TanzGedichte” for the Strado Compagnia Danza in Ulm
  •  Creation of the contemporary dance theater piece “КОЖА- From Skin to Skin” for the 12-member contemporary dance company “Provincial Dances Theater” in Yekaterinburg in Russia
  • Tour through Germany with the pieces “Exceso de la nada” and “Phobos” at the Staatstheater Darmstadt, Forum Freies Theater / Düsseldorf, LOT-Theater / Brunswick, Theater- Die Tonne / Reutlingen, Ice Factory / Hannover


  • Several guest performances as part of the Festival “Tanztendenzen” with “Exceso de la nada” in Schwerin, Greifswald and Stettin (PL)
  • Invitastions to numerous internationally renowned festivals during summer such as “Ulm Moves!”,  “Tanz Moderne Tanz” in Chemnitz,  “Asphalt Festival” in Düsseldorf, the “Move in town” in Krefeld, as well as at the “Fringe Festival” in Reading U.K.
  • Creation of the contemporary dance theater piece “Phobos” of the Cooperativa Maura Morales
  • Creation of a short piece for the project “48 hours to react” at the Düsseldorf “Asphalt Festival” with the Cooperativa Maura Morales
  • Creation of the outdoor dance theater piece “Grace and Dignity” by Cooperativa Maura Morales
  •  Creation of a short piece as well as masterclasses with the Cooperativa Maura Morales in Yekaterinburg / Russia for the contemporary dance company “Provincial Dances Theater”
  • Creation of the play “What stays of us” for the ballet Magdeburg in as part of  “Tanzbegegnungen 7″
  • Invitation to St. Petersburg for the “Sila Bezmolvia” – Festival of Contemporary Choreography both as a jury member and as a workshop leader for choreography
  • Jury member of the international dance competition “Gran Premio de Danza Quisqueya” with the presentation of the solo “request concert” at the 11th “Charity gala of stars” in Santo Domingo
  • choreographic residence in Malmö / Sweden with the Cooperativa Maura Morales as part of the “KID-Konstnärsnämnden Internationale Dansprogram”



  • Creation of the piece “Phaidra- The Virtuosity of Pain” with the COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES
  • Performance of “City of the Blind”at the “International Dancecongress in Hannover
  • Invitation for a  ”Creative Lab” and a performance at “Deltebre- Dancefestival”/Spain
  • Invitation to represent Germany at the Festivals “SKORO German Dance” in St.Petersburg, such as at the “19th Contemporary Dance Festival of Cyprus”
  • Performances of “Wunschkonzert” at the “Heidelberg Tanzbiennale Festival”, such as at the “MOT International Theatre Festival in Skopje, Macedonia


  •  Creation of the piece “Stadt der Blinden” with the COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES
  • Winner of the DURI- award at the international dance festival ACT in Bilbao/Spain
  • Invitation for a presentation of three different pieces at the “International Balletfestival “Oldenburger Tanztage”
  • Tour with “Sisyphos war eine Frau” through German cities Düsseldorf, Bonn, Braunschweig, Mülheim/Ruhr, Bonn, Münster, Oldenburg
  • Tour with the Solo “Wunschkonzert” at the “Festival de Liege/Belgien, at CAS (centro de las artes de Sevilla), at the ACT Festival Bilbao, at the 5th International Solo-dance-festival/Bonn


  •  awarded the “Cultural Prize of the City of Dusseldorf” in the category “Performing Arts”
  • Creation of the piece “Sisyphos war eine Frau” with the COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES, with the premiere at “MOVE-Festival”/Krefeld followed by a tour through Germany
  • Tour with the Solo “Wunschkonzert” in Mülheim/Ruhr, International Dance Festival in Urban Landscape DANSE PEI Reunion Island, Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle in Valladolid/Spain, FRESH-Festival am Staatstheater Braunschweig, BE FESTIVAL C/O Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Galpão Gamboa”, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil


  • Creation of the ensemble production “El baile de San Vito” as “Choreographer in Residence” as part of “Tanztheater International” / Hanover
  • Winner of the prestigious Kurt Jooss Prize with “Wunschkonzert”
  • Guest performances with the “Wunschkonzert” at the Festspielhaus in St. Pölten / Austria, as well as in Dusseldorf and Munster at the Dance Festival “tanzNRW13″
  • At the invitation of the Cuban ballet company »Endedans” Morales created the piece “palillos 40 x 10 pesos” for the 20-member ensemble and it brings in Camaguey / Cuba premiered


  • Creation and premiere of the full-length solo piece “Wunschkonzert,” sponsored by the Ministry for Family, Youth, Culture and Sports of North Rhine-Westphalia and the NRW Art Foundation in collaboration with theaterimballsaal / Bonn with guest performances in Essen and Hanover
  • Guest performance with the Solo »Ella« at Festspielhaus St. Pölten/Austria and in Jena, as well as with »Hypochonder« in Belgium and Spanien
  • Engagement as a dancer at “artsenico”/ Dortmund


  • Kreation and premiere of the piece »Haut« together with Felix Landerer
  • Audiance award for »Ella« at the festival 638 Kilo Tanz/Essen
  • Invitation to La Réunion, Saragossa andTeneriffa/Teatro Victoria with the solos »Ella« and »Hypochonder«
  • Engagement for the new production »I´ve seen it all« of Cocoondance
  • Wiederaufnahme von »Sleeping Beauty« (Dornröschen) in Barcelona
  • Audience Award for »Ella« at the Festival 638 Kilo Tanz.


  • Choreographer and performer for the modern theatre piece »Sleeping Beauty«, a co-production with »Project Galilé« and Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona.
  • 1st prize Winner of the International competition of Hannover together with Felix Landerer with the duo »Suits«.
  • Invitations to the international Festival of Cadiz en Danza, to the FeniceFestival NineArts/Siena 2010, to the Festival Empape/A Coruña, to the Memory Wax City Hoppers/Malmö and to the Festival de Artes Escenicas Nocte Graus with the solos »Ella« and »Hypochondriac«.


  • Invitation to perform at the Museum Guggenheim in Bilbao for the jubilee of the city of Bilbao
  • Invitation to present her solo pieces at the intenational dance festival »bcstx‘09« Tantarantana / Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, at the »Festival internacional de teatro y artes escénicas de Sevilla, feSt« and »Dies de Dansa« in Barcelona
  • Employed as a choreographer with the »Endedans« company in Camaguey/Cuba
  • Employed with »COCOONDANCE« in Bonn


  • Presentation of her first feature-length piece »Was wäre wenn?« both at the Contemporary Dancefestival of Winterthur/Switzerland and at the International Dancetheater VII in Reutlingen/Germany
  • Dancer and Choreographer at the Lucky Trimmer Dance Performance series in Berlin, at the Choreographische Forum »Die Tonne« in Reutlingen, such as in the dance movie »Chord« by Simon Rauh
  • Audience Award for the Best Solodance Performance at the International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands with a following extended tour all over the Canary Islands
  • Employed as a dancer with the DIN A 13 dance company under Gerda König in Cologne as well as with Artscenico under Rolf Dennemann in Dortmund


  • Invitation to present her piece »Miss Sorry« at the International Dance Theater V in Reutlingen.
  • Finalist at the International Internet Dance Award side-by-side in Düsseldorf
  • Second Prize (Choreography) at the 11. Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater-Festival in Stuttgart, starts to work as a freelance dancer and choreographer

2005 – 2007

  • Employed as a solodancer with the Staatstheater Darmstadt under Mei Hong Lin and guest choreographers Katrín Hall and Jochen Ulrich

2001 – 2004

  • Employed as a solodancer with the Staatstheater Oldenburg under Martin Stiefermann, cooperation with Tamás Huronics, Marianela Boán and Guy Weizman & Rony Haver


  • Engagement with the Theater Basel under Joachim Schlömer, invitation by the Teatro del Espacio Interior to work as a choreographer at the Camaguey Dance Festival in Cuba

1997 – 1999

  • Engagements with the Odeon-Theater in Vienna under Erwin Piplitz and Carlota Ikeda, works as a freelance dancer in Vienna


  • Finalist at the choreographic competition Abraxas Theater in Augsburg


  • As a member of the Teatro de la Danza de Cuba, invitation to the Wiener Festwochen ensuing tours allover Austria

1995 – 1996

  • Engagement with the Teatro de la Danza de Cuba under Guillermo Horta

1991 – 1993

  • Various engagements as a ballet dancer with the national theatres Ballet Nacional de Havana and Ballet de Santiago de Cuba, engagement with the Ballet el Sodre in Montevideo/Uruguay, and with the experimental theatre ensemble Teatro del Espacio Interior in Camaguey