Verweile doch, Du bist so schön!

Verweile doch, Du bist so schön!

A 25-minute dance solo with live music.

In Faust I, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has Faust speak about the moment. Faust thus makes direct contact with his own present presence and connects with the time quality of the moment.

We have all experienced it, the perfect moment!
And we are all aware of the fleeting nature of every experience within time, which ultimately cannot be held on to, and yet we always want to fight against it.
Experiencing the moment is one thing, accepting its fleetingness is another!

In a dance solo with live music, Cooperativa Maura Morales dedicates herself to the magic of the moment and its infinite finiteness.

Choreography/Dance: Maura Morales
Composition/live music: Michio Woirgardt
Lighting design: Pascal Gehrke

A production of the Cooperativa Maura Morales

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