Press Reviews on “Grace and Dignity”

Maura Morales manages to create in her production “Grace and Dignity”, danced metaphors of stupendous logic and persuasiveness.

[...] Maura Morales shifts the action over and over again, so that the extraordinarily numerous audience can only follow this by hurrying after the dancers and thus becoming part of the choreography itself. [...]
With his live composition, Michio Woirgardt manages to give the one-hour dance event a multi-layered density and pulsating drive at the same time.«
Michio Woirgardt was onnce again responsible for a strong composition and live sampling of the performance
[...]Long-lasting applause from the large audience was the deserved reward for a remarkable choreographic and dance performance and for a complete work, which will be on 21 July, also at 20 o’clock.
Klaus Dilger, Tanzweb

A glamorous, vigorous and sustainable Performance that will remain deeply in the collective memory.

A really strong piece that does not release the audience from his energy for a moment. [...]
Michio Woirgardt has composed and performed one of his most brilliant pieces. While he is otherwise rather reserved, he literally uninhibits himself towards the end of the work and provides a clear statement with rocking sounds.[...]
Michael Zerban, O-TON

The Cooperativa Maura Morales impresses an enthusiastic audience with expressive dance theatre at the Oppum Schönwasserpark

[...] And this is where the play takes its fast-paced course. The music, recorded live by Michio Woirgardt, becomes louder and faster, especially the many spherical sounds not only give preference to the tempo of the
movements, they also pull the audience into a visual and acoustic spell, from which they cannot escape until the end of the piece
[...] One of the great strengths of the piece is the many moments of surprise, nothing is predictable and the viewer is constantly challenged to go along, mentally and physically.
Isabel Carcamo- Mankas, Rheinische Post