Pressestimmen zu КОЖА-From Skin to Skin

“The title, “From Skin to Skin”, reflects on the messages of the piece. It’s a conversation around touch, physical contact, need for embraces and intercourse, and fear of being touched by a stranger. Ultimately, it reflects upon the main problem of modern society where people avoid touching, tenderness, physical contact. In the end, “From Skin to Skin” came out to be beautiful, frank, pure and very smart. So many times I’ve heard at festivals in Russia and abroad: “in our work we explore…” – as it is custom now, we don’t dance, we don’t narrate, but we explore! Well, yes, of course, doing so without reading even a dozen of any serious books… But here I suddenly agreed with this definition, although no one declared it. Yes, a delicate study of your fears, complexes, deep desires, urgent needs… And to the dancers of Provincial Dances Theatre – Bravo!”
Larisa Barykina, dance and music critic, expert for the Golden Mask National Theatre Award.

“These days, in an era of “new sincerity”, when everyone is sharing their feelings and emotions on social media for the whole-wide world to see, there is a lack of performances alike “From Skin to Skin” in the cultural environment. Performances that are smart and yet alive, vital and sensual, and, most importantly, free from prejudice. Performances that destroy walls of restraint and relate to everyone.”
Evgeny Iskhakov, Yekaterinburg’s Culture, March 25, 2019