Successful Premiere of PHOBOS at Ringlokschuppen / Ruhr

Here are a few impressions in picture and text of the successful premiere of PHOBOS, the new piece by Cooperativa Maura Morales.


[...] One year after the beginning of the Metoo debate, the choreographer Maura Morales brings a highly explosive as well as disturbing dance theater on the Ringlokschuppenbühne, which at the same time evokes shame and yet full of strength and resistance. [...] (Dennis Vollmer, WAZ)
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[...] Maura Morales has presented nothing more than a masterpiece. With her exciting language of movement, she has touched the human soul. This choreographer deserve really a bigger audience from now on. [...]
The fact that Maura Morales can build power or energy fields, she has already proven several times. But with Phobos, she excels herself. Here, fears and solution offers are proclaimed without being able to capture them. The seemingly sparing and almost taboo handling of the bodies of her dancers Anila Mazhari, Latisha Sparks, Elena Valls and Paula Serrano is of an intensity that causes goose bumps more than once. For an hour you can hardly breathe. [...]
(Michael S. Zerban, O-TON)
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