Cooperativa Maura Morales in Thailand

Here are some impressions of the artist residence at “South fest Thailand” in Songkhla / Thailand.

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MAURA received the award for BEST FILM

The short documentary “MAURA” by Jaqueline Hochmuth and Manfred Borsch with the music of Michio Woirgardt received the award for BEST FILM at the Experimental / Music / Dance Festival in Toronto / Canada.


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Documentary Film about Maura

In this short documentary / dance film, she explores her own history, the concept of home as well as the current socio-cultural situation in her former homeland.

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The official PHOBOS trailer is now online

“I set out to create a piece about fear and wound up making a piece about bravery!” (Maura Morales)
The official trailer of the new dance piece PHOBOS is online now.

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Successful Premiere of PHOBOS at Ringlokschuppen / Ruhr

Here are a few impressions in picture and text of the successful premiere of PHOBOS, the new piece by Cooperativa Maura Morales.


[...] One year after the beginning of the Metoo debate, the choreographer Maura Morales brings a highly explosive as well as disturbing dance theater on the Ringlokschuppenbühne, which at the same time evokes shame and yet full of strength and resistance. [...] (Dennis Vollmer, WAZ)
-> zum vollständigen Artikel

[...] Maura Morales has presented nothing more than a masterpiece. With her exciting language of movement, she has touched the human soul. This choreographer deserve really a bigger audience from now on. [...]
The fact that Maura Morales can build power or energy fields, she has already proven several times. But with Phobos, she excels herself. Here, fears and solution offers are proclaimed without being able to capture them. The seemingly sparing and almost taboo handling of the bodies of her dancers Anila Mazhari, Latisha Sparks, Elena Valls and Paula Serrano is of an intensity that causes goose bumps more than once. For an hour you can hardly breathe. [...]
(Michael S. Zerban, O-TON)
-> zum vollständigen Aritkel
-> zur Fotogellerie

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Cooperativa Maura Morales is creating “Phobos”

At the moment Cooperativa Maura Morales is in the middle of the production phase of “Phobos”, a piece for five female dancers and one live musician about fear from a feminine perspective.
Premiere is on 12.10.2018 in Ringlokschuppen / Ruhr


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Successful premiere of the outdoor production “Grace and dignity”

The Cooperativa Maura Morales has created the piece “Grace and Dignity”, commissioned by the Cultural Office of the City of Krefeld, in the plane grove of Krefelder Schönwasserpark.
-> Press comments


-> more photos

Midsummer in the Russian Yekaterinburg in the eastern Urals

The Cooperativa Maura Morales creates a short piece for the contemporary dance company “Provincial Dances Theater” in Yekaterinburg / Russia and gives master classes during the summer school


Summer time is festival time

This summer, Cooperativa Maura Morales will perform at a number of prestigious international festivals. In June we will go to “Ulm Moves!”, followed by “Tanz Moderne Tanz” in Chemnitz. Afterwards we go to “Provincial Dance Theater” in Yekatarinburg / Russia. In July, the Cooperativa will be performing at the “Asphalt Festival” in Düsseldorf, at “Move in town” in Krefeld, as well as at the “Fringe Festival” in Reading U.K.
Here is the official trailer of “Ulm Moves!”:

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The trailer “What remains of us” is online

The trailer of the piece “What remains of us”, a commissioned work for the Ballet Magdeburg in the context of “Tanbegegnungen 7″ is now online

Maura Morales in Santo Domingo

In February, Maura is a jury member of the international dance competition “Gran Premio de Danza Quisqueya”. She will also be presenting her solo “Wunschkonzert” at the 11th “Charity gala of stars” and giving workshops in Santo Domingo


Maura is jury member in St. Petersburg

Maura will be visiting St. Petersburg in March, where she works as a jury member as well as a workshop leader for choreography at the “Sila Bezmolvia” – Festival of Contemporary Choreography.

The Cooperativa Maura Morales is choreographing for the Ballet Magdeburg

The Cooperativa Maura Morales creates a commissioned work for the Ballet Ensemble of the Theater Magdenburg during “Tanzbegegnungen 7″. Premiere is on 18.5.2018


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Choreographic Residency in Malmö/Sweden

During January 14th to 31st, the choreographer and dancer Maura Morales, along with musician Michio Woirgardt, will be in Malmö for the residence KID – Konstnärsnämndens Internationale Dansprogram.
During the residence, Morales along side colleague Michio Woirgardt will be working on the concept: The Sound of the Moving Body” – through body and movement Maura produces the sound – Michio will be processing and sampling them – she is both the instrument and the player.

IMG_8940Photo: Sofia Wickman

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The Official Trailer of “Exceso de la nada” online

The official trailer of Maura’s current solo dance piece “Exceso de la nada – Abundance of Nothingness” is now online.

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Exceso de la nada- Plentifulness of Nothing Premiere at FFT-Juta

The new solo dance piece of the Cooperativa Maura Morales celebrates its premiere on the 8th of November 2017 at the FFT-Juta in Düsseldorf





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Blinzeln, Zwinkern und Drehen- official trailer

After the successful premiere of “Blinzeln, Zwinkern und Drehen” created by Cooperativa Maura Morales for the Vorpommern Ballet Company at the TanZZeiT 2017, here is the official trailer and press review of the 35 minute dance piece

-> press review

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Maura Morales choreographing for the Vorpommern Ballet

The Cooperativa Maura Morales currently creates the piece “Blinzeln, Zwinkern und Drehen” for the Vorpommern Ballet.
Premiere is on 22.4. 2017 as part of the “TanZZeiT 2017″ at the Theater Greifswald

JR1A9859Photo: Vincent Leifer




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Phaidra- The Virtuosity of Pain official trailer

The official trailer of the current production “Phaidra – The Virtuosity of Pain” is now online!

In 2017, the COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES will perform this piece aot in Düsseldorf, Hannover, Braunschweig and Münster!

Phaidra- Premiere im Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Mülheim

Das neue Tanzstück der COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES hat am 14.10.2016 Premiere im Theater Ringlokschuppen Ruhr in Mülheim.

cmm_phaidra_c_klaus_handner_web_rgbFoto: Klaus Handner

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On 5.6. presented the COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES their current production “Blindness” in Gallus Theatre in Frankfurt as part of the “LiteraTurm” – festival.
Here is an article on “Echo Online”

Cooperativa Maura Morales zu Gast in Russland und Zypern

Im April und Juni ist die COOPEARTIVA MAURA MORALES auf zwei internationalen Tanzfestivals als Repräsentant Deutschlands vertreten:
Einmal  auf dem “SKORO German Dance” in St. Petersburg, sowie auf dem “19th Contemporary Dance Festival of Cyprus”.
Außerdem freuen wir uns, unsere jüngste Produktion “Stadt der Blinden” im Rahmen des diesjährigen Tanzkongresses in Hannover in der Commedia Futura/Theater-Eisfabrik präsentieren zu dürfen.


Foto: Klaus Handner


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Successful Premiere of “City of the Blind”

After the successful premiere of “City of the Blind”, the new dance piece of COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES, here comes now the official trailer:

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Maura & Michio performing “Sisyphos has beeb a Woman”

Another clip from the production “Sisyphus was a woman” of COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES

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The COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES has won the DURI- award at the international dance festival ACT in Bilbao/Spanien.
Part of the prize is a Southkorea tour.

Foto: Terri Florido


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“Sisyphos has been a woman” (official trailer)

The official trailer of the current production of the COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES is now online.

Image: Manfred Borsch
Sound: Michio

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Maura Morales received the award for performing arts of the city of Düsseldorf

The 9th of december 2014  Maura Morales received the award for performing arts by Mayor Thomas Geisel Award of the North Rhine-Westphalian capital.



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Premiere of “Sisyphos has been a woman” in Krefeld

The new dance piece of COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES has premiere the 20th of november 2014 at the “Move! Festival” in Krefeld

-> more
-> tour dates


Photo: Klaus Handner

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COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES at the International Dancefair 2014

Being one of servitors of Kunststiftung NRW the COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES will give a taste of the coming project during the international Dancefair in Dusseldorf at the OPEN STUDIO the 28th of august at Tanzhaus NRW.

Foto: Klaus Handner


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The COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES will be performing in Rio de Janeiro

The COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES will be performing “Wunschkonzert” at Galpão Gamboa” in Rio de Janeiro/Brasil


Photo: Klaus Handner

-> more

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